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Hi, neighbor!

WorkerMee connects people in Middleton who need to get things done with other folks nearby who can help out.

Access Employment:

Anyone at least 13 years and older can find jobs to do to help their neighbors and to advertise their services on the classifieds page. Sort the job postings by how close they are to you, and find a job for a specific day you have available to help out. Test a business concept and build credibility by offering it to your neighbors on the classified ads page. Develop personal connections for references and gain valuable job experience for college and beyond.

Find Helpers:

Adults and organizations can post jobs and volunteer opportunities for nearby neighbors to find. Hire one person, or build a team. Your exact address and contact details remain hidden from view and you can manage your post to reuse again later or remove it from view. You set the price, so there are no unexpected quotes to manage for your project. After filling out the job details, sit back and relax; available workers will email you to complete the task you need done. It’s so simple, you’ll find yourself crossing off your to-do list in no time.

Connect in unexpected ways:

Connect with others who have the knowledge and skill you would like to know. Increase serendipity by using WorkerMee to find a teacher, tutor or mentor for your interests and hobbies.

Find Work

Hire Helpers

Start a Business

Organize Volunteers

Mentor Match

Learn and Grow

Starting today, creating tomorrow


A world where all the good we do matters


Improving community support networks by connecting people across all generations to local jobs, services and growth opportunities.


Connection, Authenticity, Agency, Kindness, Flexibility, Agility, Accountability, Growth

Headshot of Gretchen Erdmann-Hermans, founder of WorkerMee

Meet the Mee

WorkerMee addresses the innate need humans have to connect with and support one another. By knowing our neighbors and working together to meet the needs in the community, we build local support networks that increase our sense of security, trust, and belonging. These networks in turn provide a basis for personal and professional growth, and provide a local circular economy.

With two teenagers in the house, Gretchen resolved to create a solution that would improve job access and career development opportunities for youth, no matter where they lived. Prior to starting WorkerMee, Gretchen ran a scientific graphic design business, STE[A]M press llc. Gretchen holds degrees in geology, visual arts and culinary arts, and serves her community on both the Middleton Planning Commission and the Middleton Community Campus Committee.

WorkerMee is in the early development stage with the beta version exclusively available to Middleton residents. We'd love to talk about collaborations with your organization and hear about your ideas. Please get in touch with Gretchen through, call at (608) 621-1886 or visit us at StartingBlock. WorkerMee participates in the Social Impact Cohort 2022 of StartingBlock Madison.

We'd love to hear from you.

Drop a note to let us know what features you want, where we should expand to next, to request an interview, or to find out how to get involved.