Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What it is:

WorkerMee is an online platform to post and find local help and nearby jobs. It aggregates all kinds of part-time and occasional opportunities in a local community onto one convenient platform. You can find and post opportunities:

Who it’s for:

WorkerMee is available to anyone 13-years or older who wants an opportunity to work, volunteer or start a micro-business in their community. Anyone 18-years and older can post jobs to find workers through the platform. Adults and retirees can be involved in every way, to find jobs, offer mentorship, and hire helpers.

Why it matters:

Build community networks: It helps fill service gaps to allow older folks to stay independent in their homes longer, provide help to working parents, and keep properties maintained.

Access immediate income: It provides income to teens with limited employment access, and to supplement retirees on fixed-incomes and households with extra expenses or employment gaps.

Create agency: It creates a place to build a professional network and experience base for early career applications or career pivots.

Reward service to others: It values a personal holistically by acknowledging their service to the community as an employable asset.

Local circular economy: Money flows directly from person to person in the local economy, not out of the community.

Where it is:

WorkerMee is beta testing in Middleton, WI during the summer of 2022, and will expand to other communities in the summer of 2023. Ask WorkerMee to launch in your area by emailing

FAQ Facts

How old do I have to be to use WorkerMee?

You must be at least 13 years old to register and use the platform to find jobs and advertise your business. You must be 18 years or older to post job offers. There is no upper age limit to take jobs or post opportunities, and WorkerMee encourages all ages to participate.

What kinds of jobs can be posted?

Any nonprofessional, non-licensed position can be posted. We offer many job categories to post in, plus volunteer, mentorship, apprenticeship and internship options.

What kinds of jobs can’t be posted?

You can’t post jobs that require a licensed professional, such as legal counsel, registered nursing, or licensed electrician. You also cannot post body work or massage, adult services, or any illegal activity. Review our Terms of Service for more details. If you are still not sure, email us first via

Can businesses hire through WorkerMee?

Yes, businesses can find seasonal, temporary and part-time workers through the WorkerMee platform. Although WorkerMee is built as a peer-to-peer job platform, by posting jobs on WorkerMee, the positions become searchable by parameters that matter to part-time job seekers, such as the schedule and minimum age, therefore the platform will be helpful in finding well-matched applicants. There is a “summer” schedule category that is useful for hires such as camps and construction.

Can my volunteer organization schedule a work day through WorkerMee?

Yes; list it as a volunteer opportunity, set the team with the number of people you hope will show up, a wage of $0, and schedule the date. Your organization can also look for people to fill ongoing volunteer positions. Note: If you want the address to be publicly visible, you must add it in the post description.

Can local businesses post services offered on the Classifieds ads page?

In the beta version, youth and adults within the service area can have up to three free active ads for their services and local business. The ads will be visible to anyone browsing the site (including non-members), and the "Let’s Connect" button will initiate an email between registered WorkerMee members’ email addresses. Since the beta site has limited membership, if you want your business ad to offer connection to folks viewing the ad outside of the service area, you will need to make your contact information visible within the ad. Consider the risks associated with sharing contact info broadly online before publishing your ad. Classifieds can be edited and deactivated at any time.

Can I sell things on Workermee?

No, the website is not for buying or selling goods. No category exists for this, and any post as such will be removed. Posting items for sale violates the Terms of Service and can result in your membership being revoked.

How does WorkerMee protect my privacy online?

We created WorkerMee with features that allow users to manage their privacy at their own comfort level. Your account profile and personal information is not public or searchable. When you post a job, your address remains private and only your approximate address is shown to potential hires. It’s up to you to share your address and contact information via email.

How do you help keep my child safe online?

WorkerMee is an online connection platform, but the work itself is offline. We have a few methods to help keep kids safe while they are on our platform.

First of all, there are no public profiles, so your child is not searchable. We also use a language filter to prevent inappropriate posts. When a child initiates communication with job posters, the registered parent email is automatically in CC. In the beta version, users must ensure that the “Reply All” feature of your email service is used to continue the parental oversight. This is part of our Terms of Service agreement to use WorkerMee. If you ever encounter suspicious or inappropriate behavior of a user with your child, contact us immediately at If you feel your child could be in danger, call local authorities.

What does WorkerMee do with my data?

When we created WorkerMee, we recognized that the platform was powerful and could be used in many ways by many different people. We couldn’t build in every feature in the beta version, so we built what we believe is the core platform in an open-ended way that would allow people to solve their problems. We use data that you give to us or that we collect through analytics to understand how WorkerMee is being used and what the sticky points are, in order to improve our site and prioritize new features.

Do you sell my data?

No. No we don’t.

Where is the resume builder?

The resume builder is our next priority. The next version of WorkerMee will offer career advancement and exploration tools. We are excited to unveil our unique approach to showcasing your holistic professional profile.

How do I pay my hired worker? How do I get paid for my jobs?

When you post a job, you must choose from a list all the payment methods that you are able to pay the worker with. Job seekers can search for jobs that offer payment in a form they can accept. We only list the peer-to-peer payment platforms that allow teens to use them. Cash, check and paycheck are options you can choose in addition to the peer-to-peer cashless methods. We are building an in-app payment option in the next version.

How do you know if a person is reliable, if they do the work well, or the worker got paid?

WorkerMee is a connection platform. We do not facilitate hiring or have oversight on jobs. Should a dispute arise between Members, they should work together towards an agreement. Please refer to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. If you feel that a member violated the Terms, you can let us know and we will look into it. We are designing a community feedback and referral system to improve inter-user trust in the next version.

How much does it cost?

WorkerMee Beta is entirely free to all users in 2022. Yay! We will be shifting to a sustainable revenue model that will be affordable for all users for the 2023 launch. The more users there are, the less it will cost, so ask your friends to join!

Who do I contact if I notice unsavory activity?

Use the "Report" button or email immediately if you notice suspicious or unwholesome activity. Let us know as much info as you can about the post; a screenshot is helpful.

Can I get in touch with you if I have feedback?

Yes, please do! You can email us at if you have feedback to share or want to take part in user surveys. We are actively seeking feedback to add features and improve the site.

I love this idea! Can I be part of the team or invest in the dream?

We’re glad you love it; we built it for you! If you are looking to get involved, email We’d love to hear from you.