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Play with my dog

Pet Care Ages 13+ 1-4 Hours

Main Responsibilities

Team Size: 1

walk dog
pick up poop
play games
basic training reinforcement


10# very happy dog would love more attention over the summer. She's about 1.5 years old and has basic training, but also has hunting instincts and needs reinforcement to not jump at birds, squirrels and rabbits. She likes walks in the conservancy and likes to play games and learn new tricks for treats. She just loves everyone and is very cute. Ginger is a Portuguese Podengo Pequeno and looks like a short-haired red fox. You could come nearly every weekday and she would enjoy that immensely.

Schedule Details

Multiple Dates: Come as often as you like on weekdays to walk and play with Ginger. Minimum 30 minutes, stay until it's not fun.

Payment Details

Amount: $10.0 per job

Payment Methods: Apple Cash, Zelle, Cash

$10 per day